Introducing the $ARTY Token

Tokenomy is a foundation of every crypto project. The whole blockchain scene is ultimately a one big digital economic ecosystem. Economies have some things in common. Like inflation or market cycles.

$ARTY is a native cryptocurrency and governance token of the Artyfact ecosystem. You can use it to pay for any platform services, govern the Artyfact DAO, receive rewards by staking $ARTY, and get premium privileges.

Main $ARTY features:

Build on Binance Smart Chain

$ARTY is a BEP20 token build on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, thus ensuring high transaction processing performance, low network fees, and high reliability.

Use for payment

$ARTY is used as the internal currency on the Artyfact platform. You can use it to pay for any platform services such as Aftyfact subscription plans, promotion services, and much more.

Govern the Artyfact

Decentralization is the center of the Artyfact ideology. That’s why the future of platform is in the hands of $ARTY token holders. All changes to the Artyfact will be voted in through $ARTY governance.

Rewards for staking

Stake $ARTY and get rewards. The reward pool distributes funds to $ARTY stakers quarterly in proportion to the number of tokens in their wallets. Just hold $ARTY and get passive income.


Smart contract include a token- burning function. It allows the total number of tokens in circulation to be reduced, thus putting deflationary pressure on $ARTY.

Privileges for stakers

Additional benefits are available to $ARTY staking participants such as discounts on Artyfact services, participation in lotteries, private events, and much more.

Details of our taken sale events:

Seed sale

On the Seed sale the $ARTY price will be 0.25 $ with 1month lockup and 12 month linear vest. For Seed sale we allocated 2,6% of total supply. The minimum investment on seed round is 2500$, the maximum investment is 1000000$.

Private sale

On the Private sale the $ARTY price will be 0.30 $ with 5% at TGE and 12 months linear vesting. For private sale we allocated 3,4% of total supply. The minimum investment on private sale is 1000$, the maximum investment is 500000$.


On the Presale the $ARTY price will be 0.35 $ with 6% at TGE and 11months linear vesting. For presale we allocated 2% of total supply. The minimum investment on presale is 1000$, the maximum investment is 250000$.

Public sale IDO (Token Generation Event)

On the Public sale the $ARTY price will be 0.45 $ with 10% at TGE and 6 months linear vesting. For public sale we allocated 1% of total supply. The minimum investment on public sale is 250$, the maximum investment is 50000$.

PancakeSwap /

The $ARTY price on the PancakeSwap will be 0.45 $. More information coming soon.

Initial Token Distribution and security

Total amount is 100.000.000 $ARTY. 37% is allocated for staking & rewards, 9% for ICO/IDO, 10% for liquidity, 15% for team & advisors, 15% for marketing, 4% for foundation and 10% is allocated for development.

To ensure the security of our community, we have divided all $ARTY tokens into 7 wallets: 0x68ef547299a661401aab3f716d27a29561be29db (staking and rewards), 0x88f509583ec0e674ab0b2375e5e4cc37f5d5d70d (team & advisers), 0xbcc3ab8129b1e8119cc981a66f87b2b641996891 (marketing), 0xfff7ee3ea6656001d5f6546ca6b31de7cd6c877d (development), 0x203f89df9296ec88af15f61a9e5629a3de9a2b40 (liquidity), 0x705c47754341b1756f762dfbd40efa6329dbc87f (ICO/IDO), 0x107733d3382e03c354e9413636081a84e2e7eee8 (foundation). The private keys to these wallets are securely protected and access to them is limited.

Wallet transactions proofs

Wallet 0x88f509583ec0e674ab0b2375e5e4cc37f5d5d70d:

Wallet 0xbcc3ab8129b1e8119cc981a66f87b2b641996891:

Wallet 0xfff7ee3ea6656001d5f6546ca6b31de7cd6c877d:

Wallet 0x203f89df9296ec88af15f61a9e5629a3de9a2b40:

Wallet 0x705c47754341b1756f762dfbd40efa6329dbc87f:

Wallet 0x107733d3382e03c354e9413636081a84e2e7eee8:

Wallet 0x68ef547299a661401aab3f716d27a29561be29db: owner wallet.

Multi-signature contract

To remove centralization risks we have also created a multi-signature contract 0x06d2018d53C1Ca7E3376f61A953BbE61a7ed01f8 and transferred ownership to it to prevent a single point of failure. This contract has 10 internal wallets: 0xda43e0799ed8fd38c17202cd925acd4017bf67ee, 0xacae3914cc8e5b3f7a255043045f3c5f0803f404, 0xedc7a50a23c115f21faeff8ffe436c4bc75edfc9, 0x68ef547299a661401aab3f716d27a29561be29db, 0x88f509583ec0e674ab0b2375e5e4cc37f5d5d70d, 0xbcc3ab8129b1e8119cc981a66f87b2b641996891, 0xfff7ee3ea6656001d5f6546ca6b31de7cd6c877d, 0x203f89df9296ec88af15f61a9e5629a3de9a2b40, 0x705c47754341b1756f762dfbd40efa6329dbc87f, 0x107733d3382e03c354e9413636081a84e2e7eee8. To perform any function in the contract, at least three signatures from the specified wallets are required.

If you have any more questions or just want to keep in touch with us, please join our official Telegram channel: Artyfact Metaverse

Talk to you soon,

Artyfact’s team



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