Dalton Grant joins Artyfact as an advisor

Artyfact x Dalton Grant

We are very pleased to introduce our strategic advisor, Dalton Grant. Dalton is a cryptocurrency/blockchain industry enthusiast and technology entrepreneur. He has advised, and invested in numerous early stage blockchain projects. Dalton runs York St Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused on blockchain technology.

As our advisor and investor, Dalton Grant believes in the potential and success of Artyfact. He is a forward thinker who is always on the leading edge of new innovations and trends, thus Artyfact is thrilled to have Dalton on its board of advisors. With his keen insights, unmatched knowledge and digital expertise, we will be able to envision creative ideas that will enable Artyfact to have an edge in the Metaverse.

We started to work together straight away and every single conversation brings us closer to fulfil our goals and and create core competencies in the metaverse.

About Artyfact:

Artyfact metaverse is the virtual world divided into two types of areas: urban and gaming. In urban areas, it is possible to attend NFT exhibitions and 3D marketplaces, buy NFTs, virtual lands, property and clothes, as well as take part in events such as paid or free meetings, concerts, virtual runway shows and learning classes. The game areas serve as arenas, where Artyfact citizens are be able to play various play-to-earn games and own or sell game assets as NFTs.

Artyfact Advantages

Besides the standard features of metaverses, such as purchasing lands and assets, using avatars, holding events etc., Artyfact metaverse has some distinctive features or, one might even say, advantages.

Unreal Engine 5

Artyfact is the first metaverse built using Unreal Engine 5. The advanced technologies used in this game engine gives users a whole new level of detail and immersion in the virtual world.

NFT Games

Artyfact citizens will be able to play the different play-to-earn games and own or sell game assets as NFTs. Gamers are required to place a contribution in the platform’s native token $ARTY before participating in games, and the winners will receive the prize pool.

3D NFT Marketplaces

As part of its features, the urban areas of Artyfact metaverse comprise zones for developing 3D marketplaces. Such areas will serve as the next generation marketplaces for 3D NFTs.

NFT Avatars

Every Artyfact citizen has an assigned avatar. Also, they could change their avatar by creating new avatar, importing an existing one or purchasing a new avatar from the integrated store.

Open Metaworld

Artyfact is full of exciting places that can’t be found in the real world. You can explore the open world, take part in exciting adventures and get rewards in the form of $ARTY or NFTs.

Virtual billboards

There will be a large number of billboards in the Artyfact metaverse. Owners of billboards will be able to earn money from advertising.

Features for influencers and brands

The project ecosystem will give the opportunity for influencers and brands to interact with their audience in a brand-new way. Artyfact opens up such possibilities as co-operative gaming, event sponsorship, virtual merch creation, and much more.

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