Artyfact is a GameFi Metaverse with NFT economy

Every day humanity plunges deeper into digital. We spend 50% of our time online, our social media profiles concern us more than our real life, and we can’t imagine life without a smartphone. Coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this process. Currently, thanks to the development of such blockchain technologies as NFT and Web 3.0, humanity is ready for a new stage of immersion in digital — immersion in the Metaverse. And it could be a pivotal point in our civilization. Because when it starts, our virtual life will become more important than our real life.

Problem and solution

Existing social media and blockchain platforms do not allow their users to unleash the full potential of the NFT technology and the Web 3.0. Artyfact is a virtual world with digital land ownership which can be used for various purposes. NFT collectors and artists can use Artyfact to exhibit NFTs and create 3D marketplaces. Gamers to play NFT games where players can earn $ARTY. Brands and influencers to communicate and interact with their audience in new ways. Event makers to host paid or free meetings, concerts, virtual runway shows, learning classes, etc. Besides that, Artyfact Metaverse will have its own economy with integrated cryptocurrency $ARTY. That will allow users, stakeholders, and brands to thrive in Web 3.0 and experience the next level of digital economy.


The Artyfact metaverse will be divided into two types of areas: urban and gaming. In urban areas, it will be possible to attend NFT exhibitions and 3D marketplaces, buy NFTs, virtual lands, property and clothes, as well as take part in events such as paid or free meetings, concerts, virtual runway shows and learning classes. The game areas will serve as arenas, where Artyfact citizens will be able to play various games, such as battle royale, racing and adventure. To participate in the game, you need to place a bet in $ARTY or NFTs. The winners of the game receive the bets of other participants.

The Audience

The audience of the Artyfact is very wide. But the greatest interest in the platform is expected from NFT artists, NFT collectors, brands, gamers, celebrities and influencers. The audience side of the platform will be built with strong emphasis towards more engagement and activity inside the metaverse. Standart social media features such as likes, comments and shares will help to identify the most active citizens and cretors of popular metaworlds. Such users will get special bonuses such as uplift in $ARTY staking rewards and increased voting weight in Artyfact DAO.

Brands and influencers

The Artyfact ecosystem will also bring a variety of benefits to brands and influencers. The brand side of the Artyfact Metaverse will be focused on the advertising aspect in the Metaverse and event sponsorships. Brands will be able to advertise on metaworld’s billboards, create personalized metaworlds and apply to sponsor certain events in the ecosystem to increase brand loyalty and recognition. Regarding influencers, Artyfact will allow to transform Influence Marketing into a metaverse economy by converting influencers into metaverse entrepreneurs.

Main features:

Powered by Unreal Engine

Artyfact is the first metaverse built using Unreal Engine. The advanced technologies used in this game engine gives users a whole new level of detail and immersion in the virtual world.

Integrated with Binance Smart Chain

The platform is integrated with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain that makes it possible to provide the ultimate transaction processing performance, low network fees, and high data security.


Explore spaces that can’t be found in the real world. It can be NFT galleries, cities, arenas for NFT games, places for events, or anything you want.

NFT avatars

Each Artyfact citizen will be able to change their avatar by buying a new one in the integrated store or exporting an existing one. In order to see your avatar, you need to switch to a third-person camera view.

3D NFT marketplaces

Any NFT marketplace can be integrated in the Artyfact Metaverse. Thus metaworlds can be used as 3D NFT marketplaces, witch will be the next-generation marketplaces, where NFTs located in space in 3D form.

NFT games

Artyfact will have special game areas where citizens will be able to play NFT games and own or sell game assets as NFTs. The following types of games will be available: battle royale, racing, adventure. In order to play the game, each player will need to make a contribution in $ARTY. The winner will receive the contributions of all players.

VR support

Our platform will have a built-in VR support for more immersive experience. The user will be able to choose wich device to use for entering the Artyfact.

These features are only a small part of Artyfact Metaverse’s abilities. For more information please visit our website at

If you have any more questions or just want to keep in touch with us, please join our official Telegram channel: Artyfact Metaverse

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